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Perhaps not as much advise as support - I'm in the same position as you, somewhat.

I'm 24 and picked up playing hockey just last winter. I've always been a fan but finally decided to take the step.

Here's what i've done to try and get my self into it :

Youtube, howtohockey and other medias are god sent gifts for picking up the theoretical basics.
I spent alot of time looking at gear, going to the sports stores, trying stuff out, trying to find what i thought was the most comfortable, within a reasonable pricerange.
I firstly bought a helmet, gloves, skates and a stick, and focused on getting the fundementals down, after learning from Youtube lessons.

Here in Sweden, I'd have two (three-ish) options. Open day at the skate rink, rent that sucker for an hour or two, or wait till the winter sets and skate at open air rinks.

I'm not sure as to the beer leauges in Finland, but im certain you must have a similar system to our "Korpen" and through that find the local beer teams.

Best of luck to you!

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