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Originally Posted by Adz View Post
It is really different being there and watching it but at the end, it brought forth the same emotion. Swelling of the heart, a tear here and there, happiness all around. Sure, WE love them, but it was nice for them to get some recognition from other places too.

Until they swiped up our players as a result. Damn their time.

I have not liked this offseason at all. Watching that game reminded me of why I loved that particular team so much and how much I will miss them. You always have turnover, but some of those faces were guys with so much heart that it had to spread to the others. Shea was still Shea Freakin' Weber that day and right now he's not. He doesn't love Nashville as much as he said he did and I've built up a little wall so he can't hurt me too much when and if he leaves. I'm not seeing the passion yet this year. I hope something will happen to gel the team and remove some of the negatives that are swirling around. It could be Shea Weber gathering up the group and saying, look, offseason aside, I'm the captain and it's business as usual--let's start skating together like we did last year. He may be able to give me his angry look and I'll fall into step and love him again. It could be David Poile pulling one of his "OMGHFB*" trades that catches us all unawares and brings us all back in the fold. It could be that the yellow jerseys look absolutely stunning on the ice and in the arena. Whatever. I just hope it happens.

I am way too caught up in this silly team. Ha ha!

*he's effin brilliant
I feel the exactly the same way, well said.

Before they had my heart, freely given, win or lose........and now, well, prove you're deserving of our heart, boys....

yes, way too caught up with emotion!

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