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Originally Posted by xking23 View Post
This sir, is ridiculous. When asked (for the most part) Which of the swedish stars is going to be the best, and the first reply is "Brodin, Book it" with no explanation of why, it seems like major homerism. And yes, those short "my player wins" type posts do lose some sort of credentials in peoples eyes. Now you are insulting a poster, and frankly it does make you look petty, especially when it was explained later in the thread. As well draft position argument is pretty weak, Subban was picked in the second round, he is not second round talent. Different scouting teams have different perspectives and such, where St.Louis might have gotten a player in their top 10 at the 16 spot. meaning any comparison is frankly useless.
And then the guy goes to explain how he has watched all of the prospects in person and he thinks Brodin was the best and everything is jolly and dandy again. It seems like this had very little to do with the guys opinion, he just didn't give the right answer. Every Oiler fan that has ranked Klefbom on their lists has destroyed their credibility as well I'm assuming? Do you fail to see how ridiculous that sounds? Maybe people have watched these guys many times up close in person, and like Brodin's potential over Hedman's soft, uninvolved play (me ranking him first is solely based on his potential and physical attributes. I feel if Victor Hedman is going to arrive, he certainly hasn't yet). If there's a Getzlaf vs. Staal poll and I say Staal, do I need to give you a detailed write up of why I think one is better then the other? Nearly every poll on this forum is followed by one word answers, hopefully you don't go over there too much. I even said in my first post, disagree with the guy all you want, but don't just say he loses credibility. Sorry for backing him up.

I'd love for you to show me where I insulted the other poster. I even agreed with him. I never made a snide remark, I just thought his response was totally unnecessary.

Not to mention you completely missed the boat on the draft ranking part. My point is Brodin isn't exactly an unknown. Nearly every scouting service had him ranked in the 1st round. That is not off the map one bit. Certainly not to the point where one can lose their credibility for thinking he will be the best.

Could this have anything to do with a Swedish poster ranking Brodin ahead of Karlsson and Rundblad?

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