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08-14-2011, 08:10 PM
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Originally Posted by DrinkFightFlyers View Post
Yeah, it's always a good reason to not go after the guy you want and hope someone is still available later. The Flyers brass wanted him, wrong or right, and they got him. If they thought he was the best guy to fill the role, why wait until the end and hope he is still available or settle for a guy they think is worse?

I know you don't like Lilja, but in general, as a GM, scout, etc, wouldn't you want to get the guy you want from the beginning? If I'm Homer and Co. and I see player X and say, this is the guy we should get for the #6 spot, lets do it. Why wait until now to see who's still "sitting out there?" The idea is to field the best team, not field the best contracts or most fan-likable time. Lilja may or may not work out, time will tell. But if the Flyers think he is the guy for the job they would be stupid to sit and wait and see who's left. Sure, they coudla gotten someone for less or let Bartulis or Gus fill the role, but they think Lilja is better. He may not be (I personally think he will be ok, especially as a 6/7). But they thought he was so you go after him. Why settle for a guy you (meaning Homer and Co.) don't believe is better?
Lilja was good enough to play for Detroit two years ago, in a season disrupted by a big concussion. I'm sure he'll be fine for a #7 who can step in and play.

I think Bartulis is #6 right now, Gus will start with the Phantoms unless he wins a spot outright in camp.

I like Bartulis, we missed him last year when Pronger went out.

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