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10-23-2003, 03:55 AM
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Originally Posted by Davisian
Saw that, and there goes my defense of this move..

I think we'll be fine with Rheaume's play, but the management of this roster, and the absolute refusal to inject any younger blood into the lineup is so friggin' sad it's hilarious..
It is as absolutely assinine as it gets. I mean how sad is it that in the 4 years that he has been here, Jackass has not been able to get ANYONE to help on the 4th friggin' line besides a guy that he just signed to a minor league contract the other week? And why was it necessary to waive Keefe? What team in their right mind would snatch up the 3M squad (Messier, Malakhov, Mironov)?
Why is it that the prevailing belief is that a vet will ALWAYS do better than a yut? Hasn't Sather seen for himself that it is not always the case? Why have Keefe on your team if he is not in Hartford? What was the point of claiming him in the first place?
Here we go. Messier is now the 2nd line center. A sure recipe for disaster. Every friggin' other team in the league has young players playing for them, except us. The Devils, the Stanley Cup friggin' champions are starting 2 rookies as their entire 3rd defensive pairing. But the Rangers cannot trust a young guy to play the 4th friggin' line? What a joke.

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