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Originally Posted by Vito Andolini View Post
You said Dawes was a "flat out better player" than Callahan at that point. Where's your evidence? I think that's your guess based on the fact that Dawes was coming off a good season in the AHL, while Callahan was still in Juniors. That's fine that it's your opinion, but it's not a fact. The fact is that you don't know if Callahan was a better player at that point because they didn't play in the same league...and once they did play in the same league in 06-07 Callahan (the multi dimensional player) outscored Dawes (the one dimensional player) in less games.

The reason I brought up the 06 ranking is simply to show that opinions change. Hagelin stated that it was "stupid" to rank St Croix above Thomas. I disagree. I think it's stupid to write someone's opinion completely off just because it differs with the current consensus.

That's perfectly fair for you to decide not to value his opinion, but I personally don't think his ranking is "ridiculous". The simple reason is that I don't know much about him, nor have I watched St Croix or Thomas with enough regularity to form my own opinion (not just recycled opinions from NYR brass) I'm willing to keep my mind open.
Players regress and players improve. I really think it's more then an opinion that Dawes was a better player then Callahan, otherwise Cally would have earned a contract. Then, like Leslie said, Callahan was ranked just as high a year later, and deservingly so.

I guess we'll have to agree to disagree on the rest.

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