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Originally Posted by Adz View Post
I think the thing that bugs me most is that the FO can't seem to use the momentum of the playoffs and all those warm fuzzies and parlay it through the summer. We had the entire city interested in the team in May and June and then, as far as anyone can tell, DP does squat, screws up the RFA's and only signs Shea for another year. We know there is a lot more going on behind the scenes, but to the casual fans and the hockey world in general it says everything accomplished last year was probably a fluke. It's so frustrating. I can see yearly improvement since the fire sale, and no doubt there probably will be some this year too, but why even appear to go backwards?

If DP had taken the momentum and signed some hotshot on July 1, price be damned, it is my opinion that the SW deal would have been quickly finalized, the buzz would continue and we'd go into the fall with the kind of marketing momentum that money can't buy. Any extra millions spent on a player would have been absorbed by extra ticket sales and new corporate spending.

Gah, why didn't they consult me in June?

And here we were looking so good to the Atlanta fans. Now they'll go with the Canes instead.
I agree for the most part of what your saying but I don't think Weber is the bad guy in all of this. The Preds are. They kept telling that Weber signing was no big deal and my own common sense said it was no big deal they'll sign him and he'll give us the discount but it was so bungled and why did the Preds play hardball against him angers me. Weber is someone who is speaking for us saying that we need offense. When Weber is doubting that the team is not searching for offense then where does that leave us but asking questions and not getting answers. It's almost a given that we did it last year and we'll do it again but we've never had this kind of turnover of the team ...discounting the fire sale...and have a lot of questions and if a lot those aren't answered then it will be the first year that Poile looks like a an amatuer instead of a top gm making prudent moves. We do need a solid trade and all will be forgiven let's just hope

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