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10-23-2003, 04:18 AM
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Originally Posted by FloydianSlip
How do you know that Kono is a one year rental? Lacroix could keep him if he plays well.
Next year the CBA expires and the Avalanche have a litteral ton of 1 year deals that expire after this year. It's highly doubtfull PL signs him prior to the CBA lockout while not signing other more important players. It's possible he could be signed if he performs but there are no guarantees. He could perform in a mediocre fashion (ala Marchment, Kasperitis and not signed), he could perform well and still not accept a fair offer (ala DeVries, Klemm). He could simply be bad which I doubt, but either way there are three very large risks here. Bates would have remained restricted under the old CBA and possibly into the new one. 3rd round picks for the Avs have been moderately successful but Johansson represents a talent level that is very hard to find at the 3rd round.

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