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08-15-2011, 09:32 AM
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Originally Posted by thomast View Post
First of all, i don't have favourite team in NHL, i cheer for the underdogs like nashville, blues. I don't have favourite team in sweden aswell, i'm from finland but i can watch SEL games via TV. 0 homerism here. Brodin has unique hockey sense, he keeps his head up most of the time with the puck, similar to Nicklas Lidström, Gives excellent and fast first passes which help to get out of the own zone to the offensive zone. Very good defensively, haven't proved much offensively because he didn't have chance to play at his senior club. Excellent skater. Needs to bulk up and his shot have to get better. Most of these other young swedish defensemen are more NHL-ready but i think that Brodin is the most talented one.
Sorry, that wasn't directed towards you (even though it does sound like it. As I have on my list, I do really like Brodin, and you already did explain yourself (I think). The other guy that kept being attacky was though getting on my nerves. But thanks for the insight into Brodin (don't get to see him play much).

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