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08-15-2011, 11:37 AM
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On no planet is Lucic a better or more valuable player than Callahan. Other than size and possibly durability, Lucic has nothing over Callahan. Callahan is among the league's best at virtually everything sans offensive skill and size. Lucic is among the league's best at nothing other than size. Lucic is a bigger, stronger, worse version of Callahan.

Callahan is the better defensive player. Callahan is also a significantly smarter player (if you argue this, you simply don't understand on what grounds a player's intelligence is measured on the ice). He's much better in terms of positioning, stickwork, decision making away from the puck. Better skater. The things that Lucic should dominate over Callahan in because of his physical advantage, you can't even really say that he does, because Callahan is, pound-for-pound, one of the tougher players in the league. He withstands tons of punishment against much bigger players and yet continues to be an excellent force along the boards and in the corners. He's a better passer, a better playmaker. Lucic is strong, and as such, probably has the more dangerous shot.

Lucic, of course, also played with David Krejci. Not an elite center or playmaker, but a legitimate one. A little bit of an upgrade over the caliber of linemates that Callahan played with, no? Lucic also doesn't have to kill penalties, so he's fresher and more focused on scoring while taking much less wear and tear. His team is also much better and deeper, and is the best defensive team in the league, thus allowing a second liner such as himself to remain effective even in an elevated role. Trying to make an argument that Lucic, as opposed to Callahan, is a first liner, is completely ridiculous.

Lucic is a very good player. A nice luxury to have on any team. He's not worth Marc Staal, nor is he as good as Ryan Callahan.

Someone in the thread said something along the lines of (and I'm paraphrasing here) "Lucic is an impact player, Callahan isn't." That's one of the stupidest things I've read this month. It completely ignores the entire logic of what being an impact player in this sport means. Because Callahan is better, and in many cases, much better, than Lucic in so many different aspects of the game, that would make him the bigger impact player. Callahan impacts the game every time he steps onto the ice, because he can impact the game in so many different ways. He can impact the game in far more important ways than a big hit from Lucic. Also, Lucic is much easier for an opposing team to marginalize than Callahan. Defensively, he's less of a factor than Callahan is, and on offense, as long as you apply sufficient pressure to him, he will have to get rid of the puck, and become a far less effective presence. Callahan is more effective without the puck than he is with it, because of well he reads plays and thinks the game.

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