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08-15-2011, 01:06 PM
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Originally Posted by montreal View Post
I don't pretend to know what 29 GM's would be willing to pay for Kostitsyn. So I can't say before hand if the Habs would win or lose a trade until I see what said trade actually ends up being.

I don't think that the Habs need to get a player better then Kostitsyn for it to be a win for us, as it could end up being a player then better fits the team or helps us longer term since one could make a reasonable guess that Kostitsyn will not be back after this season since he'll be a UFA, unless Martin is not here and he has a breakout season.

I don't think he's underrated at all. He's a skilled player but a very frustrating one to watch. Some fans love him, don't get it myself, I think he's way too inconsistent with his efforts, find myself yelling at the tv way too much just to move his damn feet more as some nights he looks like he'd rather be fishing then playing hockey and I hate that. That said he's got size, takes the body, should be good for 20 goals or so a year, we need him now but perhaps he could be packaged to get something that would help the team more come playoff time. It will be interesting to see what PG does here.
Kostitsyn's the kind of guy that will explode if he winds up playing next to a superstar center. I'm sure that if we deal him to a club with one of those guys, he'll become the next John Leclaire sniper type guy.

I agree, he's totally frustrating. All the tools but no toolbox. He certainly has enough talent to do it by himself but it just seems like it's locked in a box somewhere and only comes out on occassion. I don't understand how talent like his just lies dormant for stretches on end. But Martin hasn't helped the situation.

Why Jacques Martin moves him around I'll never understand. It's painfully obvious that he plays his best hockey with Pleks. He got off to a great start last year on his wing and then Martin messed with it and he never really came back.

I'm passed the point of hoping for this guy to become the star player we all hoped that he would. Right now I'd be really happy if he became a 30 goal scorer and I think that only happens if he plays all the time with Pleks.

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