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Originally Posted by FF de Mars View Post
THN... Toronto Hockey News
TSN... Toronto Sports Network

I'm positive for this year, I think we'll have a good year.
Not sure what you're talking about here. They haven't predicted the Leafs in the playoffs for years now and we've been consistently ranked ahead of them.

THN for the past four years:
2008 -2009
Predicted Finish: Montreal 1st Toronto 14th...

Actual finish: We tied for 8th and squeaked in.

Predicted Finish: Montreal 8th Toronto 11

Actual finish: We wound up with 88 points and were very lucky to squeak into 8th.

Montreal 8th Toronto 11th

Actual finish: We tied for 6th.

Montreal 8th Toronto 10th

Last time they had us out of the playoffs they got it wildly wrong. 2007-2008 we were predicted to finish 13th and TO was predicted to finish 11th. They made up for it though by being wildly wrong again the very next season and predicted us 1st and we came in 8th.

Apart from those two years, they've been pretty accurate on us and TO.

This whole mantra about us being consistently underrated is a load of crap. We're almost always picked ahead of TO in these things but posters keep coming here and whining that we're the ugly stepchild. Please stop with the 'woah is me' attitude... and bringing up the Leafs. The magazines don't hate us, they just don't see us as being as good as most of the folks here do. And most of the time those analysts have been more right than this forum has. As for the Leafs, they've been pretty accurate about them missing the playoffs too.

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