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08-15-2011, 01:48 PM
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Originally Posted by ohbaby View Post
I'm not sure what a high ranking consists of,... but if he's the only prospect this year to make the team, wouldn't that be a consideration? Being NHL ready?

Maybe I have high hopes for Thomas but they are for valid reasons. His shot is as good as Gabby's and Richards' right now. And while the grind of the NHL affects all rookies, Thomas will not shy away from the dirty areas, much like Cally or Zucc. His speed also will be welcome addition. The praise he gets for his character and intangibles sounds a whole lot like our future Capt Callahan. But I believe the biggest asset he has going to make the NHL is his dad. Steve Thomas was known for coming to play every night. He had a great work ethic and a long career. Worked hard on and off the ice. And it's no doubt, he has taught his son well, to be NHL ready. Add the fact he was here at last years camp which will give him insight on what is expected and needed to make the team, and we just might have a star in the making. After scoring close to 100 goals the last 2 years in the OHL, he has nothing to gain by returning to the juniors. He is determined to make this team.

Last year you could make an argument the Rangers were a team composed mostly of 3rd liners with a few exceptions. If Thomas makes the team, and lets not kid ourselves,... he will need to score in bunches to do so, he will be a breath of fresh air. Most of our call ups of late, have been of the 3rd line grade other than Step. Thomas will need to be a star rookie in order to stay. We have no more room for another 3rd liner on this team. We need a star. And I'm excited Thomas might be just that. I don't see any other prospects with a better chance this upcoming season.
Let me tell you this, the kids comes to play every night and is a very smart player. Good PKer for example. Like Cally on the forecheck. You are definitely right in that regard.

But I wouldn't write under on that his shot is up there with Gabby and co. His shot is elite for the Junior level, but so was Dawesies really. I don't think Thomas shot is nearly as spectacular as Brendls for example.

And he is a definite notch smaller than Callahan.

Its always tough for players like him to make it. Some does, many actually does not. This kid is definitely no lock to make it in the NHL.

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