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10-23-2003, 05:51 AM
Bob Bastards
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Originally Posted by Mike Komisarek
It's not that kind of pressure, people in edmonton have unrealistic expectations from him because hes an edmonton boy, they want him to be like the next coming of Gretzky or something.
Habs fan have unrealistic expectation FOR ANY PLAYER... The kid got 33 goals I think is first season, do you really think Habs fans will let him go away with less then that? Forget him, if he can't play in is home town he will get crush under the pressure here in Montreal. Its the last post I put under those ******* Comrie to Montreal thread. Mark my word: He will never be in a Habs shirt, never. He is small, poor in defense, is a whinner (any player who make a hold out for is contract is a whinner in my book. "I want more money", get lost and go flip burger if your not happy) and cant take the pressure. Bob make it clear that he want bigger player. He make sure that everybody on the team play a good defensive game, Comrie just don't fit the mold. If BG trade for him, I will be really mad and I will make a personal excuse thread on the board to retract myself, but nobody give me a good reason to go and grap him.

This post is not an attack to anybody, but people here spend the last two year complaning about how our team is too small, poor in defense, player make too much money blah, blah, blah. But the same people are the first to ask a trade to get a 5' 9", 23 year old kid who want 3mils a year. I just don't get it. Explain that to me, please. I am starting to think that a lot of people her are bipolar...

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