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Originally Posted by squidz View Post
Because NHL readiness is a big concern, especially for a team like New Jersey. New Jersey is in a bit of "win now" mode, and so when presented with a player who could help them do that, they selected him. Brodin won't be ready for real NHL impact for a couple years. He might come over and play next year, but he won't be an impact player until at least the year after. I'm not going to go so far as to say that Brodin is for certain the better player, but it's certainly not unreasonable for someone to think that. It has been widely rumored that if Larsson was not on the board when the Devils picked at 4, Brodin was their selection. Statements from the Wild's management team (when Brodin was available at their pick GMCF announced "and that's why you don't trade up, sometimes they just fall to you") indicate that they considered moving up in the draft to ensure they got Brodin.

I'm sure Larsson will be a solid NHL defender, but his draft position doesn't guarantee that he's superior to any other defender from the 2011 draft.
This, Larsson was IMO most NHL-ready prospect and was considered as an 1 overall pick at the beginning of the season, Brodin won't play NHL for 1-2years. If i had to choose from these 2 and both of them has reached their potential i would take Larsson. brodin has so many Attributes at elite level already, Larsson is IMO very good or good at everything except skating, elite physicality. Brodin is elite at skating, his vision is elite, puck moving ability(it's faster and passes are better quality than Larsson's ), very very smart IMO elite, Defensively he is spotless. He needs to bulk up a bit, and prove that he can contribute at offensive zone, Decision making is at Elite level. He has more bad attributes than Larsson, they are only phsycality and shot which are very easy to develope, Larsson's weakness is only skating which is ok. I doubt that Larsson ever reaches Brodin at where Brodin is elite ATM. Last season i thought that Granlund was better than some players ranked in top 5 and they thought that i was crazy. You can't undervalue pure hockey IQ & smartness. But yeah time will tell who will be the best of these young defensemen.

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