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08-15-2011, 04:29 PM
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Originally Posted by Subject Orange View Post
This will probably aggrevate alot of people, but I'll just voice my opinion anyway.

What I like about crosby not playing (not him being injured, just the fact that he doesn't play)

Is that for the last 4 months of hockey last season, I got to hear about all the OTHER great talent in the NHL. And all the crazy things that OTHER players do on every other team. They don't run up 25 game point streaks, but they still do some amazing stuff and its nice to hear about it rather than what did crosby do that was awesome last night. He's got amazing skills, but sadly Crosby isn't even an interesting guy when the microphones are on him. He usually has very little to say.

I do think hes a great player, I do think he was/is/whatever one of the best in the league, and I do get tired of hearing Mike Emrick bring him up every game no matter who is playing. Theres 30 teams in the league, and a god awful lot of talent in some of those players. I understand why people think Crosby not playing is detrimental to the league, but mostly, I think its detrimental to Pens nation.
Have to agree here. While Crosby is a name and easily recognized by the casual sports fan, this is opportunity for the NHL PR machine to prove they deserve their jobs. It has been pretty easy to promote the sport when you have a guy of his calibur.

There are 30 teams in this league... time to plan a new PR strategy with the multitude of talent available. Like already mentioned above, Crosby isn't really that outgoing/outspoken/primadonna... its just that the media buzz around his talent just took off. Can't see why its so hard to find another face of the NHL besides Ovie?

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