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10-23-2003, 05:55 AM
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Originally Posted by fumanchou
First, I'd like to say that me too I'm glad to see the Habs putting more consistent efforts than last year and getting results for that. However I'd like to point out 2 situations which I can't figure out.

1) Langdon and Begin pickups. Haven't we got enough with those waiver pickups that look good for 20 games and end up in Hamilton 6 months later. Dwyer and Lindsay are the most recent examples that
come to my mind. Ok we need a goon and Dwyer/Blouin were no solution, so maybe Langdon will turn out to be a good patch. But what is more useless on a 20 man roster than a 4th line center ? Who cares about Begin. He was not even able to play for Calgary and Buffalo, that should say enough. Couldn't we just use those 8-10 minutes of icetime to prepare Higgins ? He was looking good in the 2 games he played. Personnally, I prefer a top prospect like Higgins to get 10 min. NHL icetime than 20 min. AHL icetime.
Langdon and Begin both fill roles that we were missing. So far, I have loved Begin on the 4th line. He hits and provides a spark to the team. Just because he was unwanted by Buffalo and Calgary doesn't mean he's a bad player. That's flawed logic. We dumped Robidas and he got picked up by Dallas and has been playing every game for them.

It makes absolutely no sense whatsoever keeping Higgins to play 10 mintues or less a game. I would much rather have top 6 time in Hamilton. He needs to develop his skills, and you can't do that by getting the odd shift on the 4th line.

Originally Posted by fumanchou
2) No-future man, Bouillon. Another loveable useless player a la Petrov. What was the point of giving him a contract this summer and send Dykhuis and Traverse to Hamilton. All 3 are just fringe players we couldn't care less about, the ideal press-box watchers. 2 were enough, why 3 ? And when it comes to giving icetime to one of those over a top prospect like Hainsey then I get sick. How do you want your team to progress when you give icetime to Bouillon ? The new defensive system of Julien and good play of our core (Markov/Souray/Rivet/Brisebois) should be enough to give us the security needed to insert a rookie in the lineup. The Quintal vs Komi situation I can understand, but Bouillon vs Hainsey ... come on !!! I just read the ESPN article about their 2 rookie defensemen (Martin and ???). Talk about an organization that takes their reponsisbilities.

That's all I had to rant about ... for now :p
Are you saying you'd rather have Dykhuis or Traverse over the Cube? I think that's a first my friend.

Bouillon provides us with some depth on the blue line as its inevitable someone is going to get hurt over the course of the season. While I would like to see Hainsey get more starts, I think it's good to rotate Bouillon in every so often. It's also hard to change your lineup when the team is playing so well.

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