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08-15-2011, 04:48 PM
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Originally Posted by RH63 View Post
If you didn't care, why would you question why our posters were throwing you under the bus in the NJ thread? The truth is, you do care. You care a lot more than you'll ever admit. And the thing is, my original post to you wasn't meant as a personal post. I was just really shocked that someone would think that Kopi would be replaced as our #1 center by an unproven rookie. But you had to go and make it personal.

In any case, I'm not interested in dragging this any further.

Just know that unless something drastic happens, our top 6 is set and Lokti will not be a top 6 and definitely not our #1 center.
This was my exact post. Go look it up. Page 3 of the thread.

Originally Posted by cnshockey View Post
Wow people throwing me under the bus right and left. It's my opinion and I don't think he's a good NHL player but apparently thats just me...
See a question mark in that post? Okay then.

The way you posted it made it seem to me that you were trying to say my idea was dumb. Sorry if I misinterpreted that.

And FYI, I DGAF what anyone on the internet thinks of me. So don't ever try and put thoughts in my head and claim that I do.

Back on topic now...

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