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08-15-2011, 05:10 PM
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I get it Adzy. Last off season we were still chewing on the loss of game 5 and the depression of game 6 only to watch the ******** that we gave it up to take it all. For me personally, I was ready for our do over, for our vengence and even if it was all made up in my head, it was like the whole summer wer were waiting and ready for the new season. When I checked the boards or rumor sites or whatever, there was always something good happening that kind of made me think "wow, that sucked but they know it sucked too and are trying to fix it".

We traded Arnott, named Weber captain, changed the guard. The players that were preceived as older or in some cases "lazy" were gone or given a smaller role.

We picked up Lombardi and signed Kostitsyn. We didn't know what we were getting but the possibilities were endless. I was excited for something new to be added to our core that we already knew was envied and how it would translate on the ice.

This year, I'm meh and it sucks. I should be jumping off the wall waiting to see what this team is going to do. Counting down the days until training camp with every facebook status including "Is it time for hockey yet?" but I'm not. I'm actually in a mindset of dread. I'm dreading this season ending before it's even started. Instead of focusing on games next season, it'll be a waiting game to see what contracts are signed.

To touch on the just Weber not Shea Freakin' Weber. No, it's not all Weber's fault but last time I checked, this is his team and most signs are pointing to him not wanting to be here. It doesn't make a difference if its because of the city or team to me. The money was offered if he gave us years and we found out that his wanting to be here wasn't unconditional love like alot of us buit up in our heads. The only saving grace to me is that he chose 1 year instead of 2. Some of us, myself included, are too emotionally invested in this team. We know it's business but it doesn't change how we feel about the players or situations when they don't go the way they want them to.

We made strides as a team and as a franchise last year and the moves from the front office and Weber haven't done anything to build it up but everything to discount us.

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