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08-15-2011, 05:52 PM
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I can see how some are a little over-excited about 1 pre-season game and having Shanahan as a head coach. We've all been spoiled by another professional sports franchise that calls DC its home that probably found success a year early during a significant rebuild.

Me personally, I've been burned to many times in the past to get all that excited at this point. For me it all started back in Shottenheimer's one year here. I don't remember who the Skins were playing, but its the one when Lavar Arington ran an INT or fumble recovery back for a TD. That was early in Marty's rebound from an 0-5 start, it was all down hill for me there. The team started playing better, and I was looking forward to the future with Shottenheimer as the coach. Then came Spurrier. Only one name needs to be said, Osaka!

After that first year under Spurrier I promised myself I would never again get all caught up until the team is rebuilt the right way. I hoped Gibbs would do that, then he blabbed in the press that he put more stock in FA's, proven players. Then he made the infamous Portis trade, and I knew this wasn't going to be the Gibbs I grew up with.

Now we have Shanahan and I haven't even sniffed the kool-aid, let alone drunk it. McNabb aside, Shanallenhan is making solid rebuilding moves, but whatever happens with Beck will tell me if this will work out.

-Beck plays better than Grossman ever could and I'm sold.
-Beck plays ok, but makes solid progress as the year goes on and I'm sold.
-Beck plays like ****, is rightfully benched for Grossman, I am not sold yet, but thats another good sign.
-Beck plays like **** and Shanahan plays another game with the QB position in the press, I've lost faith.

So for me, the next 2 months will go a long way in showing me true progress is being made. I want to believe, but a lot of questions still need answers.

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