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08-15-2011, 07:16 PM
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what i dont understand with the pp is that 2 years ago we ran it through Stoll shooting. Doughty and Kopi along with the down low forward past it around until they get the chance to send it across to Stoll who hits the 1 timer. Very simple, very basic, it worked to an extent, and it opened up lanes for Kopi and DD as the pk expected Stoll shooting

Then last year, when Stoll was taken off the pp, for some reason they didnt just keep the same tactic. With Doughty being a better point shooter than Stoll, it should have been the same exact tactic with JJ and Kopi passing creating the space to pass it across to Doughty naturally creating the extra space for Kopi and JJ to shoot themselves. They never did that though.

I expect the pp to be fine this season though, so many pk's last year put 2 guys on our point shooters creating natural 3 on 2's down low. The only problem was that Smyth and Zeus couldnt take advantage. With Richards and Penner/Brown likely the 2 down low, it will force teams to not pressure the point as much, naturally creating shooting lanes for the 3 top shooters

Id much much rather them utilize more of an umbrella formation though, stretching the pk across the ice. No Kopi on the half wall, instead Kopi in 1 circle, Doughty in the other, JJ at the top, the pk has to respect all 3 shooters. You then have an additonal passing lane for Doughty to slap pass across the ice to Richards hovering down low at the back post, a position he was at a bunch on Philly's pp. Its a simple play of puck down low, up to Kopi, to JJ, to Doughty, 3 pk'ers forced out to pressure shooter, natural passing lane to back post before Kopi's rusher can cover it. Then you integrate other plays from the same set up. The fact we currently only use half the ice on the pp is the main problem it has

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