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Originally Posted by brian_griffin View Post
"since goalies can't be touched"

That right there should be changed. I'd much rather have it where goalies can be touched, but keep the trapezoid so that they CAN'T be touched there, but can play the puck outside of that and are fair game to be checked. As for the other proposals, I'm against all of them.

How about bringing back PPs where the offender sat the full 2 minutes and the team had 5-on-4 regardless of how many goals they scored. The Habs proficiency caused that rule to change to today's version.
although i think the league would be against it because of the possibility of a dramatic rise in goalie injuries, i'd love to see that idea put in place-keep the trapezoid as a safe area and allow the goalies to play the puck elsewhere at their own risk. d men would sometimes be at less risk if the goalie could move the puck quickly.
another idea: when a penalty shot is awarded, the team should get to choose between either taking the penalty shot or having a regular powerplay. after all, if a 4th liner somehow gets a breakaway and gets hauled down, it's generally fairly easy for the goalie to stop that type of player on a penalty shot. if the goalie makes the stop, his team is back to 5 on 5 hockey and basically didn't suffer as a result of the penalty.

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