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08-15-2011, 09:52 PM
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This Peca to Quebec thing, if it goes down, could start a disturbing precedent. It's one thing for a player to be waived through his respective league and, when nobody is interested in him, is then picked up by one of the other two leagues.

But once one player sets up a destination team in another league and simply organizes his being waived through his home league so he can play in the league of his choice is another thing altogether. Especially when said player is not willingly waived my the team holding his rights.

What if higher profile players from, say the Cornwall/Ottawa area is drafted by western conference teams and decides playing in western Quebec would be closer to home? Will Courteau and Branch put their heads together again to make it happen? You know what? They probably will because that player will still play CHL instead of NCAA and that is usually what it has taken to get Branch and Co to change/bend rules over the years.

For us Ranger fans out there, what if Derek Roy and Andre Benoit, both from the Ottawa area, held out to be waived through the league to play for nearby Hull? Maybe Kenora's Mike Richards wants to play in Brandon, which is closer. Maybe English speaking maritimers would rather play in the predominantly English speaking OHL. I know that these are extreme cases but you get my idea.

Now the Rangers have accomodated at least one player in the past with waiving him so he could play in the QMJHL. 2004 8th round pick Robert Slaney, a NFLD based player, approached the Rangers and asked to be waived through the OHL so he could play in the Q right after St.John's was awarded it's QMJHL team. He wanted to play closer to home.

But this situation is a lot different IMO. If Peca is currently in Quebec City, shouldn't there be tampering charges levied against the Remparts? If so, how are the Rangers compensated when things like picks can't go the other way.

What's the difference with this situation and the Wes O'Neill situation in Kingston a few years ago? IIRC, didn't he want to play for the Battalion? I don't remember the league or Branch or somebody putting pressure on the Fronts to waive or trade him so he'd play in the OHL. Branch shouldn't be putting pressure on the Rangers in this case either.

If I'm Spott, I demand the Remparts 2012 1st round import pick or I don't waive him period. End of story.

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