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Originally Posted by vecens24 View Post
However, can you sell me more on the Fielder thing? What was the WHL's general reputation at the time? It seems like it was pretty clearly the third best league.
I don't think it was clearly inferior to the AHL. I believe they were considered roughly equal, but they fulfilled different roles. Seventieslord pointed out that more NHLers went through the AHL, and used that fact to infer that the AHL was better. Of course more NHLers went through the AHL, it had much closer ties to the NHL. The WHL was much more independent. It's not reflective of the quality of the leagues but of the circumstances.

Fielder played one AHL year before going to the WHL. In the AHL he went 22-61-83 in 62 games, leading the league in assists. The next season in the WHL he went 24-64-88 in 68 games, leading the league in assists. That speaks to the similarity of the leagues.

Another of my players, Hugh Currie, played in both the AHL and WHL in his career in the same era. He scored better in the AHL than the WHL.

Originally Posted by vecens24 View Post
Also, while it doesn't seem like a situation where he couldn't hack it, just because he never got a real chance, I do have to question: What makes you think he is capable of playing at a high level against high level players like he will be facing here?
He's not playing against extremely high-level players here. The best 1,000 players aren't here. Isn't that quite similar to the situation he actually played under, where the very best players played in an insular 6-team NHL?

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