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Originally Posted by 25th View Post
Isn't Madisons a pale copy of Baton Rouge, started by ex Baton Rouge employes?
To be honest Baton Rouge around here is **** too. So is scores. Laval is where it's at for food I find. West Island is pretty bad unless you're talking some of the non-chains such as 40 West or Scarolies but hey I'm not a millionaire I won't be going to 40 West every week or anything

The Baton Rouge in Vaudreuil is much better as is the one by the Bell Center. The one place that was good around here imo was Boston Pizza and it was in a horrible locations, you'd have to be pretty low IQ to start a Boston Pizza in such a bad location and expect it to succeed honestly. On the bad side of the 40 near Sources of all place (The side of the 40 people go to downtown from, not the side people come home from, which is the time they'd be going out anyways)

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