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08-16-2011, 11:25 AM
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Originally Posted by Jester View Post
I love two paragraph defenses of stupidity.

The Lilja signing was stupid.

Lilja is not very good at all to begin with... the terms of the contract are an abomination of idiocy. Just like the signing of Shelley was a *ing abomination of stupid.

At what point will people stop defending these idiot *ing contracts that Holmgren signs every offseason?

Leighton? Stupid.
Shelley? Stupid.
Lilja? Stupid.

No doubt they had motivations to give him that contract, and they were stupid motivations and they should be called out as stupid.
You do realize that if homer hadn't signed Leighton after the cup run, the media would've tripped balls.

Shelley (a signing I never liked) is just riley cote 2.0, and the coaches all love him b/c he's a good lockerroom presence. If we ever need cap space, we will waive him.

Lilja hasn't played a game with us. He's going to be o'donnell 2.0 for us.

Homer would rather have a veteran on the 6th spot over gus when the playoffs come...I can't disagree with that.

Why don't you give him a chance in our system before you say its a terrible signing?

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