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Good luck jkrx and Reds.

There are quite a few players on the Red Wings that I don't know enough about to make a detailed comparison, but I'll share a couple thoughts.

Bodnar and Reibel are clearly the offensive catalysts in this series, and I don't think there is a major gap between them either way, when all factors are considered. Reibel had the better peak, and was a better goal scorer, though he certainly benefitted greatly from playing with Howe and Lindsay. Bodnar was the better playmaker, had a longer career as an effective player, and didn't play with linemates anywhere near as good as Reibel's. I guess it comes down to how much you value peak vs longevity and how much you discount someone for playing with legends.

Anyway I don't have time to do an in depth analysis, so I'll keep these brief. Keep in mind this is just the impression I get, not knowing much about a lot of the european players on the other team.

- Halifax has better scoring depth
- Halifax has a better defense
- Halifax has better goaltending & coaching

lol, seriously though, I'd like to hear some info on Detroit's third line, top 4 defensemen and goaltending before I try to make real comparisons. I may have time to look myself after work, doubt it though.
I've asked Red to make a bio for Stavjana, let's hope he have time. I will make bios for most unknown myself tonight and tomorrow morning.

However I will say that "Honken" is a better goaltender than Beaupre and both of the Flett brothers are better than Matvichuk.

Ulf Sterner
Rod Flett/Magnus Flett

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