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Ulf Sterner, LW/C

World champion 1962
WC-silver 1963, 1967, 1969, 1970, 1973
WC-bronze 1971
Olympic silver 1964
WC best forward 1969.
Inducted into IIHF Hall of Fame in 2001.

Originally Posted by P4 (a swedish radio station)
He was a cross-tufted duck! The words are television profile, and sports journalist Lennart Hyland and describes to some extent what made Ulf Sterner to such a successful hockey player, namely a strong will and courage to go his own way.

In an interview from 1990, when Ulf Sterner was 49 years old, he was interviewed about his long and successful but also turbulent hockey career. In addition, Ulf Sterner, we hear from team mate Tre Kronor, Sven Tumba and sports journalist Lennart Hyland.

Previews: Ulf Sterner said his reputation as a tough guy on the ice
Ulf Sterner (born 1941) is the first European ice hockey player who became a hockey pro in NHL league in the United States, 1964-1965 season, when he wrote on the game with the New York Rangers. But his long playing career in the years 1956-1978 contains in particular a series of big victories with Swedish hockey team. Uffe Sterner has a World Cup gold (1963), five World Championship silver and an Olympic silver in 1964 in the merit list from the national team game, and when he debuted in the Three Crowns in 1959 he was the squad's youngest player of all time. The last World Cup tournament for Sterner was 1973 and in total he played 189 international matches in the A-national team shirt.

Ulf Sterner was brought up in Deje and his career started in Forshaga IF 1956 when Ulf was only 15 years old.

Then there was playing in Frölunda, USA (AHL + Rangers), Rögle and Farjestad, London Lions, and his career ended in Vänersborg for the goalscoring center. In the interview, Ulf Sterner story of how he almost got the contract also in Canada, but declined because he had been threatened with murder by Canadian hockey fans.
Ulf Sterner was elected to the IIHL Hall Of Fame in 2001 and that year was hoisted Sterner shirt up on the place of honor in the Gold Blend Arena.
Sorry but I don't have the time to try to translate a whole interview in Swedish.

Originally Posted by Hockey Sweden
The Swedish pioneer
Old School NHL - Ulf Sterner
He was the first Swedish-bred players in the NHL. In an exclusive interview with says Ulf Sterner for his career all hockey adventures: how he was filming a nude Sven Tumba, chased by angry Canadians and stole a fake contract from an unscrupulous American general manager.
Gustaf Forslund, born in Umeå, but grew up in Canada, was known as the first Swedish citizen who played in the NHL. But the first player brought up in the Swedish hockey to play in the toughest hockey league was Dejesonen Ulf Sterner. Last winter filled Sterner, 70, and here he tells's readers about his trip over to the NHL season 1964/65.

Ulf Sterner, who must be seen as perhaps the first truly complete two-way center, grew up in a small community with about 2000 inhabitants, not far from Karlstad in Värmland, Deje.
- My debut in Dejes A-team, in Division 2 as it was called at that time, I did when I was only twelve or thirteen years, says Sterner.
- You can not compare to today and any free time was about hockey and football in those years. We had a very good youth team which includes my brother Owe Sterner also was involved in where we were a chain came up in the first team around the same time.
- Since I was recruited to Forshaga who was in top flight and where I came to be Allsvenskan youngest player ever since I debuted as a fifteen year old.

Did you play in the same chain as Nisse Nilsson in Forshaga?
- In the beginning I did which was great fun. But I had never borrowed the puck by Nisse so it was a little boring in the end haha ​​...
- At this time, it's just tackled in his own zone and usually took Nisse puck behind his own goal and when he was over the center line, he had such a high speed so it was impossible to stop him. He was a fantastic and very skilled player.
- After one season, I had rather play with Uffe Hedqvist and we both came of course also make his debut in the national team together.

When you debuted in the Three Crowns?
- I was already in 1958 in an international match between A-and B-squad and it was well Nisse who had talked me into the team. My real debut was against the Czechs in Stockholm. Sweden had played against the Czechs on the day before and lost by 2-1 and had five men wounded. That night, I played with the B-squad up in Sundsvall, but after the game put me on the train to Stockholm to play with the Three Crowns on the following day. I'm between Sven Tumba and Kurre Thulin. We won 11-3 and I scored two goals.

Filmed Tumba naked - being chased

At the 1960 Olympic Games in Squaw Valley ends the Three Crowns in fifth place in a tournament where a then nineteen-year-old Ulf Sterner making his international tournament debut.
- The tournament, I remember to Tumba chased me through the entire Squaw Valley haha ​​... We stayed in a barracks-like hotel with four beds in each room. Tumba lay naked on her bed, philosophising and then I took the opportunity to film him as he discovered and became totally crazy. He chased me around there in town until he had obtained the film.
- It happened a lot of fun on that trip but above all it was a great adventure for a young guy I was then. Unfortunately, it was not so well in the tournament. It turned out that a couple of our players, including Einar "kiosk" Granath, was injured before the tournament. But the darker it because they did not want to miss this kind of dream trip.

After the World Cup tournament in 1961 in Switzerland chose Ulf Sterner to leave Forshaga the game in hard betting Vastra Frolunda.
- It was difficult to work in Forshaga and in Karlstad and the club could not even arrange for me at the mill. I had to move quite easily if I could get a job and it was only Frölunda who showed interest. This was the first year that you had to charge at the transitions. Negotiations dragged on and the day before the final release date had Anders Berma determined time with Haga Fors Lasse Davidsson in Mellerud. But Davidsson never came and after a new contact on the phone determined Amal but no Davidsson there either. In the end they were seen in Grums and agreed a transfer fee of six thousand dollars.

World Championship gold in 1962 in Denver Colorado?
- We went over three weeks before the World Cup to earn the team which was much needed. When we arrived at Bromma to fly over, a young guy that we had no idea who it was. It turned out to be the reserve goalkeeper "Klimpen" Hägg Roth from Skellefteå. It was just Kjell Svensson, who was for us in the squad so we did not have a very good track of who he was.
- I remember we lived in a cave on the border between the U.S. and Canada at this camp and one day we would play the match we had been out partying the night before and "Klimpen" was really bad. We had luckily a doctor with us who was called and Sjostrom, who helped "Klimpen" on this trip where he became the world's best goalkeeper. (Lennart Hägg Roth has written about this and his alcoholism in his book Heaven and Hell, editor. Note.).

Mocked Canadians - was chased again
- Above all else, we had a damn good team in place that year. "Klimpen" and "Kjell" Smith was the goalkeepers. Bert-Ola Nordlander, Rolle Stoltz, "Masen" Karlsson, Gert Blom and "Nick" Johansson was in reverse. Then played "Nisse" Nilsson, "Sura" (Ronald Pettersson) and Lasse Lundvall in a chain. Tumba played together with "Smiley" Öhrlund and "Smiley" Maatta. Then there was the chain with me, "Akka" Andersson and paramedical Hardin. Leif Andersson from Södertälje was as an extra forward.

- In the game against Canada that was to decide the tournament and we win by 5-3 I do two of the goals, Nisse two and a Tumba. My 3-0 goal, I remember best because I had taken a Spearing of "Dirty Harry", Harry Smith, ten minutes before. They had as a tactic to remove an opponent player and it did me. I had fainted, but recovered by me and after I made the 3-0 case, I went up to their booth, took off my glove and made a long nose, then ten-channel dicker threw himself over the boards to chase me.
- Me and "Nisse" met recently in fact Harry who also played with Darryl Sly, and was the toughest backpar that I have ever met. It was a really fun meeting and Harry is a fantastic nice person outside of the ice.

Was it during the World Cup in 1962 as the first contacts with the NHL was taken?
- It was probably there that the possibilities were opened in all cases. I, "Totte" Bengtsson, Juha Widing, Jan-Erik "pouch" Sjoberg and Soren Blomgren went over in 1963, together with Ulf Jansson, who was then a bit of an agent for the New York Rangers. But I wanted to play in the Olympics in Innsbruck first so I returned the first home to Sweden.

Ulf Jansson, weather man?
- (Laughter) Well, you know that? Uffe's an incredibly nice guy and great journalist. We were at camp in Winnipeg and I had gone to bed early because we trained three sessions a day, plus we were forced to walk the two and a half kilometers back and forth to the rink every workout. So it was a bit out of the body.
- When I turn on the TV in the morning is the news and the weather will crackle it and in comes a drunk, happy and very excited Uffe Jansson in the image and to present the weather. He had stayed on the television station after an interview and where it had been invited to a little drink. Now he was there in the live broadcast and talked about all the polar bears on the streets of Stockholm and his close and imaginary friendship with Anita Ekberg. This turned out to be a success and it was voted the year's funniest TV spots in Canada that year.

Did slap shot in the forehead

After playing first for the St.. Paul Ranger in the CPHL and the Baltimore Clippers of the AHL was a chance for Ulf Sterner to season 1964/65 to make NHL debut with the New York Rangers.
- The debut was against the Boston Bruins. But days before his debut, I had received a slap shot in the forehead of a teammate as I sat in our booth during a game with Baltimore, so I was feeling not very well. But it was not the time to say no to the New York Rangers when they finally got the chance to play in the NHL.
- Training before the match, I remember quite well. We trained in the old Garden, which lay on the fourth or fifth floor, which was not a full plan. All were set up at the blue line and I then at the end of the boards. Then came one of their bosses in and yelled at the guys certainly an hour because they had been out partying the day before the match. This was around Christmas and Rangers was in fifth place and there were four teams that went to the playoffs then. Rangers had no chance to go there so the guys did not care that much. But we really had to run hard on that day for the boss was not merciful to us.

Despite success with its fine puck treatment and fine skating so it was only four games in the NHL for Sterner Broadway Blues (by their blue shirts). "I've never seen a player improve themselves as quickly as Uffe and never a player who treats the puck so elegant," said New York Rangers coach George "Red" Sullivan, among others.
- They handed out the match and the stars in one game, I was one of the two and in two of the other matches I was one of five stars. Although I did not make any points, it was pretty good.
- Before the next match, which incidentally was against the Detroit Red Wings, Sullivan took me into the office and said calmly that now we have been playing now ready to begin gravity. He told me to start giving back and play in the game against Detroit, I had to take care of Gordie Howe. Detroit players put up all the time the club away from their noses when they approached me. When I came to the booth, I asked my kedjekompisar why they did so and the answer was that I came closer than Gordie Howe would slap haha ​​...

Why was there no more games in the NHL with the New York Rangers this season?
- Each club had to have twenty so-called prospects that could go between the Farm Team and the New York Rangers and I was one of them. Other players in the minor team to be free to go to other clubs. So I, Jacques Plante, Andy Bathgate and a couple of players to was demoted in favor of eight or nine players in Baltimore that was not so-called prospects.
- It was a very bad regime in the New York Rangers during this time and there was no real cohesion in the team. Admittedly, I had a contract for another season. But I did not want to go back but I stopped simply left in Sweden and broke the contract.

How liked you in St. Paul and Baltimore?
- In St. Paul, it was really good and where I had Fred Shero as their coach. A great leader who unfortunately was drunk a little too often. But he still had the ability to get the group together in a very good way.
- Living in Baltimore was horrible. It was extremely high crime and when we had an improvised ending with the team, there were both shootings and fights in the hotel where we were.

Went to training camp recently had an operation
After his season in the United States returned Ulf Sterner for Swedish hockey. But not to Frölunda instead of Gosta "Pollen King" Carlsson and Rögle BK.
- Frölunda was Swedish champion when I moved back to Kungalv but they never heard of him. One day, a Canadian named Des Moroney outside my door and asked if I wanted to come to Rögle and play instead. I did two seasons in Rögle and I must say that there were two very nice years. After that I did another year in Frölunda before I moved to Karlstad, where I had six very good and pleasant seasons with Farjestad.

For the season 1973/74 tried to Detroit Red Wings owner Bruce Norris to start up a European League, where British-based London Lions would be one of the teams. A team that initially contained Leif "Honken" Holmqvist but Ulf Sterner.
- I actually belonged to the Rangers still so I had to first appear before me at their training camp even though I had recently had an operation and still had twenty stitches remain outside of the Achilles tendon. It was a commodity, but after a while Detroit and New York Rangers agree on where to play.
- It was a pretty damn fun season where we played a lot of matches and where it went pretty well for me (Uffe made 115 points in 64 games). Unfortunately sat Swedish Ice Hockey Association President Helge Berglund end to its European professional league, which I otherwise think would have been good. We played at Wembley Pool, swimming pool, where they put wooden planks on the pool and the ice froze. In the beginning they had only a small ice machine because the planks would not hold for any larger car.
- Tord Lundstrom also came to the Lions in the season and then it was us three Swedes and a lot of promising young Canadians. We Swedes was superior in the game and I'm in a chain with Earl Anderson and Dennis Johnson. But we had a coach, Doug Barkley, who hated the Swedes, so there were some conflicts during the year.

What did you think the matches against Canada's professionals in Stockholm in 1972 where, among other things, Lars-Erik Sjoberg was nose rejection?

- Canada had lost to the Soviet days before they would play against us so it was quite a sprained Canada we faced. We played two games and Canada won the first with a cry of distress (1-4) and the second we played a draw (4-4). Phil Esposito had a sidekick named Wayne Cashman and at a blow-off, I hear the photographer Rolle Rygin shouting at me from the frame edge when he wants to take a picture. Then I hear that there will be someone behind me who wields the hammer to my head. But I can set the table and put up my legs in place so he falls headlong straight into the ice. The days after I received at least ten murders letters from people in Canada.
- The day after, I and Benny Andersson from Farjestad go over to the WHA team the Chicago Cougars and visit. I had no plans to write on. But one day, their general manager called me into the office and said that the rumor reached him that I had not written on. "No, I have not answered me." Then he hauled up a contract with something that possibly looked like my signature on. But he had not even managed to spell my name right. When he filled his glass, I managed to sneak into the contract in my bag and then he tried to get me to sign a new contract. When I refused he threw me out from there. Journalist Thorwald Olsson did get wind of this and went up with this to the Chicago Tribune, which first opened it wide and it was a hell of a life in the entire hockey world.
- After wondering instead Quebec Nordiques if I wanted to play there instead, which I declined.

The season after the London Lions and the incident in an office in Chicago chooses Ulf Sterner game in Gothenburg club creek.
- I always liked to play in teams that are on the way up and it was BK creek, which the club was then called. We had a good team with a pair of channel dicker on the team. But as in so many clubs lost the money from the till. We were near the Elite League a year, but finished second in the qualification matches for Sodertalje. Where we made a jättefel who moved our games from our usual home stadium in Frölundaborg to Scandinavium. We lost a lot of our large audience, the feeling and closeness.

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