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08-16-2011, 12:59 PM
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Originally Posted by Jester View Post
He wouldn't need a clause, he would just need an agreement with the Twins in principal. The Twins can pull him off the wire after a claim and just keep him... that does not, however, stop another team putting in a claim and stopping Thome from going to the Phils (a likely event, as there are a couple of teams that could probably use Thome as a bench player).

A ton of players are secretly on waivers every year without anything coming of it.
Thanks, that is really what I was curious about also... With rules changing so much and different sports having different rules I was unsure of the revocable waiver rules in effect now in MLB.

So Thome can stop a waiver claim but cannot limit one beyond that... which when I think about it is basically what I was thinking about. I was a bit confused about how a trade clause would effect it but I guess it boils down to he would have to completely waive that clause to allow any chance to move to the Phillies, and then pray for teams to be charitable and pass on him... which is a slim to no chance thing.

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