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Originally Posted by Theosis View Post
Maybe it depends on the location, but not overpriced AT ALL. Especially if you go on a Sunday when they have their 2 for $11 special.

You can get 2 or more plates of ribs for $11 each person. (this includes a choice between clam chowder soup or vegetable soup + fries or baked potato)

The one in Kirkland near the Colisée I didn't really like at all, but the one on Sources I thought had much better quality food.
I guess you're the second west islander to confirm the one in Kirkland sucks balls now

Not like it will be in business much longer anyways. That location is just plain bad. They should open a McDonald's or some crap there, something kids will actually go to as it's near the theater.

The Sources one I've been maybe 5x and 4/5 times the experience was good, only bad time was the first time I went right after they opened.

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