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08-16-2011, 05:25 PM
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Originally Posted by FF de Mars View Post
My point is that it could go either way for many teams, hence why I'm saying some are given the best case scenario. Like I said, using irony, Montréal is like another planet for those guys. They give the benefit of the doubt to other teams, but not to Montréal.
They picked us to take first a few years back and have been pretty much dead on with where we'd finish since... So again, I'm not sure why you're saying they always underestimate us.
Originally Posted by Kriss E View Post
Mr. Disappear in PO Semin has 30pts in 37gp. The man is actually more of a PO beast than a ghost. He had one post season that hurt him, the one versus us two years ago, but I think he could have set the record for the number of posts hit by a single player in one series. He was hitting the post multiple times every game it seemed. I never agreed with the flack this kid has received abour his PO performances.
Mike Green however, I always felt was overrated. He's never been solid in his own end and scoring is always tougher in the POs. It's no surprise his play gets affected by this.

With younger guys like Alzner and Karlsson, and the added presence of Hammer, Green won't be relied upon as much.

You can be sceptical all you want about their team, doesn't mean they aren't favourites. I have a hard time looking at any team in the NHL that has a stronger team than them on paper.
Mike Green was shockingly bad against us a few years back. I've never seen a more inept defenseman in any series. Certainly there can be forgiveness for a bad series but that was so bad that it rocked any confidence I'd have in him at all.

If I were Washington, I'd have traded him by now.
Originally Posted by Ozymandias View Post
I also said that we could miss the playoffs by a couple of points, which the range of 8th place is likely to offer.

What I mean is that finishing in 9th place is very unlikely IMO, even in the worst case scenario, but not impossible.

Imo, Habs are more likely to fall between 5th and 6th than anything else, and that's considering a fair amount of injuries. If I don't consider injuries, I'd place them between 2nd and 5th.

A healthy duo of Markov and Subban will get this team a long way.
I have them in 5th but we could easily miss the playoffs. We're all assuming that Price has a great year but if he falters this team is really screwed.

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