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Originally Posted by Lafleurs Guy View Post
I have them in 5th but we could easily miss the playoffs. We're all assuming that Price has a great year but if he falters this team is really screwed.
The same could be said of Thomas (look at the past, ups and downs), Lundqvist, Miller, Bryzgalov, Fleury....

The big difference though, is that no matter who's the 2nd goalie, Habs are really good at upgrading goalie performances, and while Price going might hurt us, I don't think it would hurt us as much as losing Subban or Markov and even then I still think we would make the playoffs having only one of the two.

Your conclusion is based on your outlook of Budaj, which IMO, is highly biased. Habs are trying to find 2nd goalies they can upgrade, they've been doing that for years and are mostly succesful at it. Didn't work out with Auld, and knowing how Budaj plays, I think it is more likely to happen with him.

People highly underappreciate what the Habs do to goalies, and mostly always end-up praising the goalie and putting him on a pedestal, instead of recognizing that it is an harmony of several factors that make goalies succesful, and has to do with a lot more things than just talent alone.

The really telling premature conclusion that people make, is that Buffalo are slated to finish high, yet Miller has only one great season out of the 5 he played as #1, and to add to this, people give the argument that Enroth is likely to do very good, yet that's based on perception of talent, and win-loss record he had last year.

Yet his GAA and save% are comparable to what Budaj as had in the past, and people don't consider that Buffalo has had moderate success at developing goalies if you compare it to the Habs success at developing goalies in the last 10 years (Theo, Huet, Halak, Price) and more often than not, making them better here than they were before and end-up not replicating the same performances after they leave. It just goes to show that the majority of people will easily give the vote of confidence to other teams while their own as actually showed more aptitudes in that department. It's the old 'habs are only as good as their goalie' mentality, which if a little big better informed, should turn into, 'Habs are always better than average because they make goalies better'.

IMO, the dynamic of having both Subban and Markov feeding the offense, is an extremely overlooked factor.

Our top 9 on offense hasn't had as much depth in two decades, which is also overlooked.

These are two factors, that added together, has the potential to produce a lot more offense than what we had in the past.

That's why I don't see Price as the ultimate ? mark, that if he fails, we're doomed to fail. It's highly simplistic and overlooks many other factors that are tantamount to success, and ignores the Habs tendency to make goalies look good, even when they are not as talented as Price.

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