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08-16-2011, 07:38 PM
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Originally Posted by mm6492 View Post
They could have waited and gotten a player who they believed would have been too expensive for cheap, a player that at the beginning of FA they would have seen as unrealistic to fit there needs. They did thing same thing last year when they came right out and gave Shellley 1.1M dollars cause "he was there guy." They gave Leighton 1.6M/per, cause he must have been there guy. The Lija contract is probably even worse due to the age and the over 35 rule.

I have no problem to go out full strength to grab a guy playing top 9 or top 4 minutes. But the Flyers have shown they they are inept at letting the market play out for depth and filler spots.
Who did they believe was going to be too expensive? Hannan? Were they interested in Hannan? I don't remember seeing that anywhere. Was Hannan going to sign in Philly? For that price? For less maybe? Next time you talk to him or Homer let me know the answers to these questions.

Originally Posted by Jester View Post
I love two paragraph defenses of stupidity.

The Lilja signing was stupid.

Lilja is not very good at all to begin with... the terms of the contract are an abomination of idiocy. Just like the signing of Shelley was a *ing abomination of stupid.

At what point will people stop defending these idiot *ing contracts that Holmgren signs every offseason?

Leighton? Stupid.
Shelley? Stupid.
Lilja? Stupid.

No doubt they had motivations to give him that contract, and they were stupid motivations and they should be called out as stupid.
I love responses like these. I am not talking about Leighton or Shelley. I am talking about the fact that the poster I was responding to is acting as if the Flyers were really interested in Hannan or another player but signed Lilja because they are stupid or something like that. It's good though to know that you still will disagree with me on anything I say.

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