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08-16-2011, 10:15 PM
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The key to going to a stick & puck time is to bust you arse out there. Don't lolligag around, shooting the puck softly. That's what 90% do. Do skating drills, shooting drills, skate/pass and a shot drills to mimic game situations and skate as hard as you are capable of. When you shoot, shoot as hard as you can. Bury that puck in the net. Watch drills on youtube or buy a drills book and take it with you and do them. Doing them as hard and fast as you can will push you so when those faster and harder times occur in a game it is now instinctive. If there any adult skills classes take them. Coach will run you ragged. Or bring a friend to stick n puck to be your personal drill sergeant to make sure you push yourself.

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