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08-16-2011, 10:42 PM
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Summer ChangeUp Thread: All-time Under Appreciated Rangers

Hey gang, it's getting to that point in the summer where nothing is going on and we're waiting for Traverse City.

So it got me thinking of a possible fun thread to start. Who would you rank as an under appreciated Rangers, why are they under appreciated, and who would agree/disagree with these picks/ I thought of a few just to start;

1. Sergei Zubov-The man in my avatar; led the 94 team in scoring and was involved in pretty much every important moment during the 94 playoffs (watch game 5 vs. the Caps, Game 6 vs the Devils, Game 7 vs. the Canucks). Reasons he doesn't get his due; was pretty much the same to the Rangers as Kevin Mitchell to the 86 Mets, Colin Campbell, being foreign?

2. Tomas Sandstrom-Pretty much carried the team during the low budget "New York" jersey era and put up great numbers. Reasons he didn't get his due-played on mediocre teams, didn't really have too much playoff success other than 1986 for this reason.

3. Mike Rogers-Had one marvelous season and a few really good ones as an undersized first line center. Reasons he didn't get his due-lack of playoff success due to the Islanders, was injured for 2 of 4 years in the playoffs.

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