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Originally Posted by usahockey22flyers View Post
Well...Honestly...If SoB is manipulating people who aren't season ticket holders, then thats just ridiculous. Would they rather have an half empty section? Or a full one with random Union lovers.
The issue isn't that the Sons of Ben are super uptight about "members only." The issue is that there have been people who buy season tickets in the supporters section at a hefty discount, and then turn around and sell them all for profit. The Sons of Ben naturally are against people taking advantage of their section like this, and it also becomes a problem when people buy tickets on third-party sites not knowing what they're getting into.

Also, you have to be a member of the SOB to buy tickets from the team in The River End, season tickets or not. I'm not sure why the section would suddenly be half empty if third-party sites were eliminated.

Originally Posted by CavemanLawyer View Post
Hey gang, me and a bunch of guys decided to finally trek up and hit up a Union game. We have all been big fans for awhile and finally decided to do a game. Chose the last home game of the season.

After searching high and low we decided on getting some tickets in the supporters section from some strange ticket reseller website even though we know the supporters section hate and loathe 'Stubhubbers' and stuff. So are we just gonna be harrassed all game or something? haha. How should we prepare for this? haha.
If you show up to support the Union, aren't wearing the colors of another team, aren't yelling racist comments, aren't throwing bottles or anything, nobody will care. Just be prepared to stand the whole game and possibly have your view blocked by flags and/or scarves. As long as you know what the situation is, there's no problem. And when I say "colors of another team," I don't just mean MLS. If you show up in a Man U shirt or Brazil or something, you'll probably catch **** for that.

Issues arise when people come in unaware and get pissed because everyone's standing, they can't see, they don't like everyone chanting the whole game, etc. If you don't like any of that, there are 16,000 other seats to sit in.

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