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08-17-2011, 12:40 AM
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Originally Posted by CavemanLawyer View Post
Hey thanks for the quick reply man. That sounds EXACTLY with what we all wanted. We didn't want to travel 100+ miles to just sit and eat a hot dog at the pitch. We wanted the atmosphere, the chants, the flags, and yes, the standing. It's just I researched it a bit before I bit on the gentleman's tickets and saw there was a big forum post after the "brawl" in the stands with the forum just blasting 'Stubhubbers', wanting to ban them and wanting stricter policies on them and such.

Good to hear it's just as i wanted - act an ass, treated like an ass. Here's to a fun time!
Yeah, the venom towards "Stubhubbers" is actually mostly directed towards the people selling, not the people buying.

Obviously most season ticket holders aren't going to make it to every game, so it's expected that tickets will be passed on or sold. SOB just prefer that those transactions are done with people who are somehow acquainted with the person selling. Reasoning there is that that way you won't get random troublemakers or, as I witnessed at a game last year, a Japanese family of four who were clearly not expecting to be in the middle of a supporters group.

The last (regular season) home game of the season was a good choice. DC will probably bring 300-500 fans, and the atmosphere is always better when you have someone to yell at.

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