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10-23-2003, 06:53 AM
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Congradulatiuons DFA! You are a proffesional journalist now having written an article that appeared in a major publication with a cirulation of millions. You should absolutely list that on your resume and I would contact Fox Sports and ask them to send you a credit in lieu of payment. Not that it probably matters to your current career but you DID write the profiles and they DID use them without your permission so they could at least give you some credit. Heck, you can put it in your scrap book to hand down to your kids or grandkids.

Cool stuff! The first time I was "barrowed from" on something I had written (on the other site) I actually called the (I use the term loosely as I don't think of the L A Times as an actual paper of any substance) paper that did the barrowing and after an hour of being passed around I got the guy who wrote the article. He told me that it was public domain and was very standoffish at first, I told him all I wanted was some credit for having written the article for him (verbatum with the exception of him adding a tag line at the beggining and end of it) and he did just that. It sits in my scrap book and of course, I did put free lance sports journalist on my resume (even clipped a copy of the article and the letter from the "eh hem, thief who barrowed my stuff. It was a fun interview ice breaker.

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