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Originally Posted by kaneone View Post
Everyone on the 1928, 1933, and 1940 Stanley Cup Championship teams.
This x 100000000000000000

Under appreciated by both the Rangers organization and its fans.

Some might say "who cares I wasn't alive then". I feel its important to know/learn about the club's history to make a stronger connection to its present and future.

Like anything else.

Were most of us alive to see WWII, for example? No, but its important to learn about it and how it shaped the world we live in today.

There should be banners in the rafters honoring some players from those eras.

Frank Boucher
Bill Cook
Fred Cook
Ivan Johnson
Ott Heller
Neil Colville
Lynn Patrick
Bryan Hextall

Just to name a few who lead those teams.

Certainly if Adam Graves deserves a banner, so does Frank Boucher who won 2 Cups as a Ranger player and a 3rd as coach/GM. And Bill Cook who captained 2 Cup winning teams for the Rangers.

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