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08-17-2011, 11:18 AM
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Originally Posted by jags6868 View Post
Thanks, I really appreciate your feedback and your advice. I guess I tend to sound like a ****** bag sometimes and might rub some posters the wrong way. My bad.

BTW, that's a sick tattoo, it's great to see that some people are really passionate about hockey and their favorite teams.

No problem I was a little bit like you when I was younger so it's understandable. Thanks for the compliment. My passion really shines through during playoff time and I let my emotions get the best of me so don't feel so badly.

But for instance, I live in the NYC area and play in several hockey leagues here. As you can imagine, almost everyone up here is a Devils and Rangers fan. I wear my Flyers hat every time I go play hockey and get dirty looks here and there. For a while I felt obligated to defend the Flyers wherever I went but it made no difference and just got me aggravated.

So now that I've been up here for over 5 years my friends are used to it. When they make a comment I just laugh it off and joke back about their teams with them. It's all in good fun you know? But when someone sees a reaction or you taking it too seriously, that's when they will continue to push your buttons. So as I suggested earlier, just be happy knowing that Jagr was and is a great player instead of trying to change everyone's mind. It's not likely to happen. That being said, if he does play as well as you say then you will look like a genius. I hope he does!

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