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Originally Posted by tony d View Post
Finally home, so let me do a general consensus of this match before I dig in deep tomorrow:

As Velocirpator said this is a fairly even series but I think it's more even in my favour. I think the 1st line is more in my favour than the Awesome Express' 1st line. Boll-Hampson-Larouche is a very versatile line. Boll plays all facets of the game very well, Hampson plays a good 2-way game and is a good playmaker. Larouche is of course my team's featured scorer. I expect him to play a key role in this series. Whereas the Express' 1st line, while good, has huge question marks. Will Havlat be able to handle a long series, given his injury concerns? We're assuming this is a top league here, Jim Riley amassed 2 points in his NHL career albeit a short 1. He did amass good career numbers in weaker leagues, but how will he adjust to a top league? Can Guy Chouinard handle an offensive load by himself?

As for the defensive matchups I think my team has the advantage. I do not think Souray should be on a 2nd defensive unit here in the MLD, he's a 3rd pairing guy in this at best. Also I like Hedican and Quinn but not as a pairing. My defense is more balanced with 3 offensive guys and 3 defensive guys in my top 6.

Goaltending is also in my favour, Bouchard is probably one of the best goalies in this draft, if he falters then I'm confident in going with Puchkov as my backup. I wouldn't be so confident with Jose Theodore as my backup should Johnston falter.

So Good Luck to you guys, will add more tomorrow, but am looking forward to your rebuttal.

Also as a note to other voters: Ted Hampson is now playing the point on my power play 1 unit and Garry galley is off the pk 1 unit and replaced by Leo Reise Sr.
Chouinard won't have to handle the load by himself when he's got a big left winger who's place in history is reinforced by his goal-scoring ability, and Havlat is a lightning quick power forward who has a history of injuries, but in his post-season experience he has been a factor. This first line has speed and size, as well as Chouinard, one of the best centers of his era, the margin between him and Larouche isn't a very big one, closer than most would think. And trust me, I wanted Larouche with our first round pick, almost to the point where I considered engaging in trade talks, but I think Chouinard is Larouche's equal, who had a shorter career due to loss of interest.

Souray has a higher peak than all of your defenseman (somebody please correct me if I'm wrong) his Norris voting record may not be flattering, but he was a solid defenseman for about a seven year span. Our first pairing is one of the better contrasting pairs in the draft, and it draws identical comparisons to your first, Guevremont IMO is a better offensive defenseman than Galley, specifically known for his PP ability, and I think Godfrey adds more in terms of defensive ability than Marshy)

Your goaltending tandem is better, but I wouldn't conclude so quickly that Puchkov is that much better than Theodore, he is a servicable MLD back-up, and Johnston was a cornerstone for the 60's and 70's Bruins success.

I'd also like confirmation on Hampson's ability to play the point.

Originally Posted by seventieslord View Post
- I don't think Jim Riley is really that great anyway, but I don't see why you'd consider the PCHA a "weaker" league. It was more or less the same.

- Did Ted Hampson ever play the point? I love the guy, I'd love him even more knowing that. (let me guess, it's in my bio from last year and I forgot? )
Originally Posted by tony d View Post
As for keys to victories for the Dragons over the Express, here are a couple:

1) Balanced Lines- Each of my 4 lines can score points. I have one of the top 5 offensive players in this draft in Pierre Larouche on my 1st line. Hampson is a good playmaker and Boll has the speed to keep up with him. On my 2nd line Mckegney was always a dependable goal scorer. Khlyskov can feed him the puck and Flett's grit should help. The 3rd line is largely defensive but both Burr and Larochelle are guys who can score goals in a dependable manner. My 4th line has Nylander who may be one of the better playmakers in this draft, he's paired with Jason Pominville and John Marks who can score goals as well. Each of my 4 lines has players who can play offense and defense.

2) Defense- Much like my offense by defensive pairings are balanced between scoring guys and defensive guys. Galley was one of the better offensive guys in this. As I said I considered myself lucky to get both Brad Marsh and Arnie Brown. Both guys should be able to shut down the Express' offense. Hannan is a guy I'm glad I got. Solid defensive exploits for a guy I consider my shutdown defenseman. Sidorenkov and Reise should be able to help Galley in scoring goals from the back end for my team.

3) Goaltending- Bouchard, as has been said, was one of the top 3 goalies in this draft. Yes his playoff record is nothing stellar but the teams he played on where terrible teams. I expect Bouchard to be just fine here and help me to win this series.

Good luck to my opponents, looking forward to your comments.

And to my comments on Jim Riley. I take them back, The PCHA was a good league but it's just the NHL is the cream of the crop when it comes to pro hockey.
Riley was a star in the PCHL.

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