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10-23-2003, 07:14 AM
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Originally Posted by Gros Bill
In related news, Michel Bergeron was seen leaving the Bell Center immediately after wednesday's practice, carrying a crowbar. Coincidence ? You decide. He was quoted as saying "Y'en n'aura pas de porc frais cette année".
If anything bad happens to Michel Bergeron because of my thread with the “visage de porc frais”, I'll feel very sorry and I will try to make personal excuses to M. Bergeron.

First of all, that expression “visage de porc frais” only means a sad face, not smiling. That's all, nothing worse, nothing more.

I want you to think twice angry members of this forum. If you do any arm to Bergeron, you may get to jail with assaulting charges. Then you will have a criminal record and every employer check with your social number if you are a criminal before hiring you. And it takes 5 years to ask for a pardon/rehabilitation.

And if this little thing makes you are so angry, think that everything is relative. There is much worse happening in the world. And don't forget, hockey is just ENTERTAINMENT !!
You wanna get angry? Go go Africa or South America. Go see children in Taiwan and India working in plants to make Nikes shoes for a very cheap labor salary.

Or go to any high class golf club meet milionaires and billionnaires having an easy life while they just decided to cut 20% of their labors, leaving the rest of the staff with too much work and stress. These milionnaires are too buzy playing golf, travelling to Bermuda Islands and going to massage/sauna salons.

And there is a lot more to get angry about before Bergeron, a color commentator who have the guts to say what he thinks in a dull world of politically correctness.

Cool man!

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