Thread: OT: MSG HD on FiOS?
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08-17-2011, 03:48 PM
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Since we're discussing cable here...I have TWC in Bay Ridge, and I've had some really annoying issues with it. I don't seem to see any kind of pattern here, but some channels would start flashing on and off. So let's say I'm watching MSG. You'll see video and audio, then the video will disappear for a second or two, then it'll come back on. Sometimes it would only happen once every 10-20 seconds, sometimes it would happen constantly. Flash on, flash off. The audio would remain.

This was really annoying last season and screwed up several of my Ranger game DVRs. I finally went and got a new box a few weeks ago, but I think I've seen it happening again. It's definitely not my TV, which is relatively new and works fantastic with my computer hook up, XBOX, etc.

Sometimes, a bunch of seemingly random channels (and not just HD channels, either) will just all go black. You still see the TWC interface crap, and the guide, but the rest of the screen is just black.

Anyone have this kinda problem? When FiOs gets MSG HD, I'm switching.

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