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You can take a look at my comparison between Green and Shepelev before, I basically concluded that they are pretty close offensively, with maybe a slight edge to Shepelev that I think is made up with Green's toughness and being better defensively. But since this is the PP, the defense doesn't mean anything so in terms of being effective on a PP, I'll give a slight advantage to Shepelev. Ftorek and Himes was long discussed as well, Himes is the better offensive player. Davidson and McDougall were both pre-1900 guys, but McDougall is much better. His 1.361 goals/game kills Davidson's .692, nearly doubling it. McDougall is much better. I also think that the gap between McDougall and Davidson is the largest among all the forward matchups. Overall, I think the forwards are pretty even with no big advantage to one team or another.

Wilson and Trapp is a difficult comparison. They both played during the same time, but in different leagues. Trapp's best offensive finishes were 1, 4, 4, 6, and 7. Wilson's were 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1. Even considering the difference in leagues, I think Wilson is the better offensive player. He was a renowned offensive defenseman with great puck skills. Doughty and Morrison is more difficult. Morrison definitely has the edge in longevity on Doughty. Their career adjusted PPGs are .5523 to .3381, a pretty big edge to Doughty. Here are their Vs2 in points:

Morrison: 64, 59, 58, 49, 49, 38, 38.
Doughty: 86, 65, 42

Doughty has the 2 best years, but Morrison has the longevity after that. I'll give an edge to Morrison here because of his more proven offensive ability and longevity.

1st PP units are pretty much even. Maybe the slightest of edges to Philadelphia because I think Wilson is that much better than either Pittsburgh defenseman, but it's not much. Although, I do think Philadelphia has the best forward and best defenseman on either unit(McDougall and Wilson).

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