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08-17-2011, 07:38 PM
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Originally Posted by ChiChi Vitale View Post
I thought this was not true of guys on two-way contracts and guys on their rookie contract, otherwise what would stop teams from poaching all the other teams' good prospects who don't quite have NHL stuff yet?
Two-ways don't have any bearing on waiver eligibility, which is the key. How many years a player is under contract, and at what age they signed their contract is how you determine who has to clear at the start of every year. Two-ways just mean you get paid a % of your contract when you're in the AHL.

Here's a bit of info that determines waiver eligibility:

"For anyone 20 or older, the year in which they play their first professional game is considered the first year counting towards the number of years they are exempt from waivers." (Note AHL games are considered professional)

Ok so Vitale signed a one-year ELC in April 2009, when he was 23. Any player who signs their ELC at 20-23 only gets 3 protected years. (It drops off to 2 years at 24, 1 year at 25+, and 18 year olds get 5, 19 year olds 4 years protected)

For Vitalte, 08-09 counts as his first season, because he played the tail end of the AHL season and 12 postseason games. Limited for sure, but any professional game over 20 years old counts, so those 17 games he played burn the first year of his exemption. Then these past two years tick off the last two years of his waiver exemption. That leaves 11-12 as his first year eligible for waivers. It seems so sudden but it's because of how old he signed his ELC unfortunately.

Also, I took this info from here Great explanation so you don't have to try to sift through the CBA

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