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08-17-2011, 09:13 PM
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I know I can't stick handle through anyone at this point so here's what I do with limited success This is assuming there is no pass or there is and I don't see it which is a likely scenario.

I can skate fairly well, for my league anyway, so I try and hit center ice or the opposing blue line with as much speed as possible if I'm carrying the puck. One of two things will happen.

1) They'll stand up and try and make a play in which case they're flat footed. I'll pull the puck to one side, protect it, and have a good chance of skating around them.


2) They'll match my speed skating backwards in which case I'll try and back them in to the top of the circles or better and get off a wrist/snap shot.

That's what I try to do anyway. You did say that you weren't very fast, but have decent size. Work on protecting the puck. If your balance is good you'll be hard to deal with if you learn how to use your body to shield the puck.

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