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Originally Posted by tinyzombies View Post
They had some very high profile misses in the draft and it's cost us. We probably could have snagged Carey Price by picking up a low first rounder and taken Kopitar instead (a big, skill centerman we still badly need). And passing over a big Canadian boy like Getzlaf and getting outbid by Jersey for Parise was inexcusable. We could have had all those guys on cheap entry contracts and loaded up. Not sure what Gainey did to clean anything up. He kept us on the same level with different players, basically. And some players played over their heads and got us some surprising results. Other than the one year Carbo took us to the top with a bunch of Euros, then got fired for it because he had to play fourth liners in the top 6 because we were too soft. There are no excuses. These guys are paid to win and get the job done, and I'm still looking at several of the players on this team and shaking my head at how we're ever going to get a Cup.

PG has already made a dent in that sad history by signing Cole. That signing alone guarantees that we'll improve - if he stays healthy. I'm very happy with our current GM. About time.
OK, since you seem to be an expert at handicapping young players look at this years draft and tell me who will make there NHL club this year, then tell us which players in the top 10 will be a success and which will be a bust after 5 years in the league. I'd love to see your analysis.

The draft is a crap shoot unless its a generational talent. To say after the fact that we blew the draft is laughable. Show me scouting reports from most years and there is certainly fluctuation in who gets picked when, but not by much. The habs got the best goalie to come along in a long time at that draft. Most teams including Boston would love to have him.

"Carbo took us to the top with a bunch of Euros but lost.... blah Blah". We rode a great PP to an outstanding offensive year. Kovy played like a star and we had balanced scoring. We lost in the playoffs because Carbo was unable to adapt his coaching strategy once the opposition figured us out, not because he was forced to do anything like play bottom six more because of toughness. Our soft players don't seem to have a major problem playing the big bad tough bruins. In fact, I think the Bruins were lucky to get by us.

You seem to think its easy to draft and sign UFA's. Getzlaf, Parise, and Kopitar are certainly great players but if it was easy to do then why aren't those three together on another team? Surely at least one of the GM's in the league is as smart as you are? Perhaps there has been a major travesty in the hockey world and somehow your insight has been overlooked? I'm guessing with your keen analysis of drafting and player development that an NHL team will discover their mistake by reading your posts and offer you a scouting job soon.

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