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08-18-2011, 05:22 AM
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Might offend someone but which is exactly the talent that CHL has ruined? Kitsyn, who had 19 pts in 20 play-off games for Mississauga last year and was great in U20 WC? Is he now a shade of his former self, is Orlov in AHL??? What are the indications that these two will be ruined? What are the indications that, say, Yakupov, Khokhlachev, Burmistrov will be ruined???

Yakupov and Grigorenko will be future NHL syperstars, so will Kuznetsov and maybe Kucherov and it doesn't matter where they play, as long as their head is in the right place they'll succeede because they're THAT GOOD!

Most of the so-called ruined star players are 3rd-4th rounders that really went to CHL because nobody would give him place in RSL/KHL... And with such players it's always a gamble, few can prove themselves to belong to NHL calibre and others can't... Had they a bigger chance in Russia? Who knows... probably not.

I hate when people start to shout about ruining players too soon.... I heard this about Anisimov too, during his second AHL season when he was good but still wasn't called up. Some people already started the ''evil amerikosi'' talk... Look at him now! And is Filatov ruined? Still has a chance to succede (though, something happened to him but I'm not sure it's NHL fault as he had a great first AHL season and already scored some in NHL... but nothing came out of that in the next season). Tikhonov... yes, maybe so but he also already left when he was 20... The fact is... at the age of 17 you can't really say what will happen to the guy, he's likely to collapse under the pressure of the press, get ''star sickness'', maybe he's one of those who develops faster than others and his progress will stop at 17 anyway etc. and it can very well happen both in Russia and in CHL. And who knows what's harder, to go and play somewhere where people still don't know you or be a proclaimed star in Russia already at 14 when everybody is watching your KHL debut and already predicting you 10s of millions of dollars and gold with Team Russia in some future OG...

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