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10-23-2003, 07:49 AM
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Originally Posted by Bob ********
First of all forget about seeing the Leaf at the Bell Center, those game are sold out until 2145... and with a scalper they will probably have tickets for those game but you better call your banker for a loan.
I have go seen some game and I was always in the blue section up there and the view is quite good. I think almost all the seat a great. And at 25$ its really cheap all thing consider. Forget about the beer, at 8$ a piece, you better wait till the end of the game and get drunk at one of the 1000 bar we have in Montreal .
For a 100$, I think you can have pretty decent hockey ticket, I am not sure but I think the Air Canada section is something like 90$-100$, its really well placed seat and the food is FREE.
Have fun!
Actually I was able to get tickets to the habs-leafs game last Saturday on the Thursday before the game. It was actually pretty easy. Was able to get 2 whites at about $45 each. I simply went to and clicked on the canadiens link. If the site is slow just call the number provided on the site. It's a huge myth that those games sell out quickly...but what actually happened is that leaf fans buy the last remaining tickets at the last if you buy ahead of time you should be ok.

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