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Doesn't Malcom Subban project as a #1 in the AHL / career backup in the NHL? Or is it way too early to say? I hadn't heard anything crazy about the kid.

As per Jordan Subban I think it would be worth taking a stab in the dark and just using a 1st on this kid. He will definitely be on more peoples radar and if he projects to go 30-60th I would use any pick after around 18th to just long shot it. I know it sounds crazy but when we drafted PK people didn't think much of it. For every Jared Staal there is a Jordan, Marc etc who all made it after Eric did.

It won't be like Sergei Kostitsyn where we can use a later pick. This is PK Subban's brother not Andrei Kostitsyn's, and at the time some people though S. Kost would be better than Andrei but nobody projected him to be really out of the scouts and analysts. I believe it wasn't just PK who said his brother is better at the same age he was.

If we have to trade up to like 10th spot it may be better to just go for BAP at that point but honestly I think with our scouts and their knowledge of the Subbanian developmental curve they'd still possibly take Jordan.

Originally Posted by Plekamaniac View Post
When is Jordan Subban eligible for the draft?

Does anyone know when they think he will go in the draft?
I'd say anywhere from 5th to 60th.

If he develops well a team will take a shot in the dark by the 5th pick I figured just due to him being similar to his brother in work ethic. If PK developed fast his brother might too.

If he develops poorly a team will still likely use a low 2nd to cash in on the chance of having a late star pick.

I can't see him going past the 2nd round even if he had a terrible year pre-draft. Somebody will take the risk on him and it looks like he's already fairly good defensively unlike PK who started off very bad defensively but then became a god. So imagine if he develops at the same rate PK did? He already appears to be physically and defensively ahead of PK for the same age. Same with skating looks to me like he's been practicing even hard than PK did for his age, likely as a result of PK showing him the ropes.

This is nothing but good for Jordan.

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